Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Homeowners Consumer Center Urges Any Homeowner in Massachusetts Paying More Than 5% To Refinance Now With American Interbanc Because They Will Give You The Best Rates

Americas Watchdog's Homeowners Consumer Center says, "Mortgage Interest rates really are at historic lows, and we are urging any homeowner in Massachusetts who has a current mortgage interest rate of 5% or more to refinance now, and use American Internanc. There is a reason why we have endorsed American Interbanc for six consecutive years as the Best Mortgage Lender in the US." However there is a catch, the caveat being the homeowner, or home buyer must have excellent credit, and verifiable income. American Interbanc also offers unsurpassed mortgage lending refinancing, or home loan mortgage services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Washington and Utah, for homeowners, or home buyers with excellent credit, and verifiable income. The Homeowners Consumer Center strongly encourages homeowners or home buyers in theses states to contact American Interbanc by calling their toll free number at 1-800-724-0004 or by visiting their web site at

The Homeowners Consumer Center is urging any homeowner in Massachusetts to refinance right now, because mortgage interest rates really are at all time lows. The Homeowners Consumer Center has endorsed American Interbanc for the last six consecutive years as the best mortgage lender in the United States, and the group is strongly encouraging Massachusetts homeowners, who are paying more than 5%, on their home loan to consider refinancing now. The Homeowners Consumer Center is also urging anyone in the process of buying a home in Massachusetts to use American Interbanc, because the interest rates they offer, and their lending fees are the most competitive in the United States. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "American Interbanc's mortgage products, and or their mortgage fees are honest, and straight forward. There are no gimmicks. The only catch is a Massachusetts homeowner wishing to refinance, or a potential home buyer in Massachusetts wishing to use American Interbanc's unequaled mortgage products must have excellent credit, verifiable income, and meet Fannie Mae lending requirements." For more information about American Interbanc, homeowners or individuals can call them at 1-800-724-0004 or visit their web site at

The Homeowners Consumer Center's endorsement of American Interbanc is not just limited to the state of Massachusetts. American Interbanc's unsurpassed mortgage products are also available to individuals, or homeowners wishing to refinance, or purchase a home in Washington, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Utah.


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Get Home Loans SA said...

Not every refinance makes sense. If interest rates are considerably lower than your original interest rate, like 2% lower, then it can be a good option. It is best to run the numbers and find out if the potential savings indicate that refinancing is right for you.

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