Saturday, 31 March 2012

Android To Surpass Windows By 2016: IDC

Shift from the desktop to mobile computing will cost Microsoft its top spot in the OS market by 2016, IDC predicts.

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Emile Griffith, Benny Paret and the Fatal Fight

Fifty years ago at Madison Square Garden, Emile Griffith delivered a pummeling to Benny Paret, who died after 10 days in a coma. Griffith was able to walk out, but not unscathed.

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Lincoln? Gatsby? Hobbit? Dark Knight? Which Films Are Oscar Locks for Next Year?

Leo DiCaprio, Amanda SeyfriedForget last Sunday. Who's going to win Best Picture in 2013? Tackle that, Answer B!tch! ?Gary R., via the inbox From the sheer number of stately British actors who...

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RIM Loses Canada To Apple

So much for hometown loyalty: Canadian businesses are increasingly trading their Research In Motion BlackBerrys for Apple iPhones.

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Understanding the Concept of EMI!

Though many of you shell out money with regularity for the EMI of a loan you have opted for, have you figured out how it is calculated? Do you know the exact ratio of the principal and interest that is present?

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Which Glee Stars Will Still Be Famous After the Show Ends?

Dianna Agron TwitterWhich Glee kids will still be famous when the show ends? ?Corinne Huntley, via Facebook Now, I cannot predict the fate of Miss Quinn Fabray following her smashing...

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Mortgage Debt Troubles

While there is no question that mortgage lenders haven't always been fair or willing, they too have suffered a huge hit recently as efforts were stepped up to regulate practices and order restitution for any wrongdoing. As lenders transition over a new leaf, homeowners may soon find that their mortgage debt options are greater than ever before.

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Nokia's Flagship Windows Phone Ships April 8

Lumia 900 Windows Phone is essential to Nokia's alliance with Microsoft.

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Why the New Year Is the Time to Find Holiday Debt Relief

The holidays are one of the easiest times in the year for your debt problems to get out of control. You overspend on gifts, you buy too many new decorations, and you buy things on credit that you can't really afford.

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Buy Your Splendid New Car with New Auto Loans

Buying a new car is quite tempting because it adds prestige to our social standing. This is the best time to buy a new vehicle. The only thing that acts an obstacle is car financing. Get ready for the loan process by knowing all about new car loans.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Are You Looking For Debt Relief Tips?

Great ideas and some good advice on ow to handle debt. If you are reading this, then you also know that doing nothing is the absolute worst idea. Consider these tips to help in your effort to find some debt relief.

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Bad Credit Borrowers Can Buy Their Dream Car with Dealership Financing

A poor credit score can ruin car dreams. There are many people who are suffering because of their past financial mistakes. But, all this won't pose any problem because you can get auto financing options from car dealers. Know how dealership financing is good for bad credit borrowers.

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Georgia Title Pawns: What You Need to Know Before You Owe - Part 1

For Georgia residents who own their vehicle and find themselves in need of a short-term loan, the idea of a title pawn can be appealing. It is indeed, an opportunity for fast cash for those consumers who have bad credit, since most title pawn companies do not even check credit.

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Feds Fight Homelessness With Mobile App Challenge

VA, HUD, HHS, and rocker Jon Bon Jovi launch Project REACH to help homeless veterans connect with medical, housing, and other services.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Get Out and Stay Out! 4 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Debt Out of Your Life

Debt is a 4-letter word that can be just as obscene as those other 4-letter words that aren't fit to print! Even if your debts are minor and you think they'll be easy to manage, here are 4 reasons why you need to get yourself out of debt and avoid it like the plague for the rest of your life.

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Car Loans With Bad Credit and No Down Payment - They Do Exist!

Buying a car is simple if all possible hitches are prepared for in advance. Knowing where to get car loans with bad credit, and the fact down payments are not obligatory, are just two.

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Google Maps for Android gets bumped to 6.5, new navigation view and higher resolution map tiles in tow

Google's has never been shy at continually iterating on its wares, and today it's Maps on Android's turn. Headlining the 6.5 release is the above ICS-only revamp of the Navigation home screen, which we're told makes selecting previous and recent destinations a cinch. Additionally, there's also support for crisper map tiles (if your device is rocking a higher resolution screen) in addition to new options for mass transit directions which can prioritize routes with fewer transfers or less walking. See it in action in the feel-good promotional video after the break, or get the full skinny at the source link below.

Continue reading Google Maps for Android gets bumped to 6.5, new navigation view and higher resolution map tiles in tow

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My Top 5 My Credit Building Secrets

The new economy now requires a credit score of 700 and above. A score of 650 is marginal so your goal should be to get your credit score to at least 700 as quickly as possible. There are some effective steps to improve credit score, not the gimmicks you see advertised everywhere. Especially, watch out for the "Free Annual Credit Report" scam. There is only one government authorized free annual credit report.

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Need a Loan Today? Consider These Options for Short Term Loans

So there you are. You are sitting at the kitchen table with your hands in your face while you are staring at a pile of bills and receipts. So what do you do? Do you need a loan today or do you just need to increase your income so you can actually pay all of your bills at the end of the month?

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How Diamonds Are Valued by Secured Loan Providers

If you use diamonds to take out a secured loan, your lender will request that you send them the stones so they can have them valued. The valuation experts will look at four qualities, which are cut, carat, colour and clarity.

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Debt Collection Letters: Five Steps to Help You Cope

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted by Congress to give you rights when dealing with debt collection agencies, but in order to take advantage of these rights, you first have to know them. Here's a simple plan that allows you to use the Act when dealing with a debt collection letter.

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Why Are Stars Like Heather Morris Still Getting Their Phones Hacked?!

Heather Morris, Christina Hendricks, Olivia MunnWhat's with the phone hacking? Do celebs just leave their unlocked phones (with compromising pictures) lying around? ?Julia R., via Facebook You speak of Christina...

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Nokia and Microsoft create AppCampus to teach devs how to make more Metro apps

Windows Phone may be picking up the pace in the hardware department thanks to some Nokia know-how, but the platform still lags behind its competition in the apps department. Team Redmond and team Espoo are taking steps to remedy that dearth of software, however, with their new AppCampus development program. The program will call Finland's Aalto University home, and is being created to provide design and technological support in addition to business coaching to help app developers build quality apps that make money. (Sound familiar?) In keeping with the motive to help developers grow their businesses, the program lets devs who utilize its services keep all the IP rights in their apps as well. AppCampus isn't only preaching the Windows Phone gospel either, folks wanting to code for Symbian and Series 40 are invited, too. Of course, supporting such a program isn't cheap, which is why both Microsoft and Nokia are kicking in 9 million euros ($12 million) each to make it happen. It's a good start, guys, but you've got a long way to go.

Nokia and Microsoft create AppCampus to teach devs how to make more Metro apps originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 27 Mar 2012 06:04:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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